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Manage and monitor the process early on

The supervisor can assign one or multiple staff members to be responsible for taking attendance, late and absence of all students.

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Calling screens

Using screens provide great flexibility in planning and managing communication during the pick up process, as they are designed in a way that simulates the latest similar technologies in the field of transportation and traffic management. So that the school can use a screen to a class or group of classes, improve the efficiency of communication.

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Parents App

Parents now can thoroughly monitor the status of his students, delegate others to help getting the students from school, and communicate with the school effectively and flexibly.

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School team system

The system enables the school team to manage the daily operations completely, and provides high flexibility in the distribution of roles, tasks and work teams. The system also works on various devices (computer, mobile, smart board).

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Safe & Secure calling & pick up

The feature of verifying the identity and validity of the person receiving the students can be activated so that the system will directly notify the administrator in the school team that the students can be handed over to the person or not.

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Smart QR Code 

Using smart QR code enables everyone who does not have access to smartphones or an internet connection, to use Bluride to call and pick up their students.

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Delegation feature

The parent can authorize a friend or a family member to pick up their students from school.  This happens in an easy way through the application, with full control on the delegations access. 

Ease your communication with parents

BlueRide believes that the success of traffic management and student movement depends mainly on the simplicity and efficiency of communication with all parties associated with the dismissal of students from parents, their assistants, the school and administrative team. so we have provided you with an unlimited means of communication that meets your needs

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Unlimited messaging system, free charge

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Possibility of assigning the messaging to one parent / specific class / all parents / educational team

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Ability to send emergency alerts and activate notifications

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Ability to add multimedia attachments (photos, videos, emojis)

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A feature to know the arrival and reading of the message (read receipt)

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Ability to change font and colors, and choose favorite language between Arabic or English

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messages - ar

Student attendance management

Traffic management depends heavily on accurate and updated knowledge of attendance and absence numbers. Blueride helps you to keep pace with changes happens during the school day, which provides a unified source of truth that is easily accessible to all concerned with school operations.

Farewell to school paperwork

With Blueride, attendance can be taken from various sources, as parents can notify the school early on a student's absence. All reports appear immediately to the school administration and the concerned officials

Flexible staff assignment

The school can appoint one person to be in charge of the attendance process or assign several teachers; to mark it on the first class and submit all records at the same time.

Instant Notifications

Messages to inform parents of absences and delays will be sent on a daily basis by the supervisor through the application.

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