The process of pickup must be stress free, efficient, and convenient for everyone (parents, teachers, students, drivers, and school guards). Blue Ride will offer the comprehensive solution to achieve all that.

Blue Ride is designed specifically ​

to Increase Safety .. Reduce waiting time .. Ease Communication 

Increase the safety of students during the dismissal process by various controlling systems and mentoring options

With the help of technology, you can save up to 50% of total time spent in the dismissal process and  improve traffic flow

Ease Communication between School administration and parents at no cost  through app notifications

Blue Ride includes a school dashboard, and a free iOS & Android apps for parents, teachers and guardians. Our subscription also includes implementation, training and year-round customer support!

How it works

Get Ready

School gets notified that a parent/helper is approaching to pick up the kid ahead of their arrival.

Let's go

Once the driver reaches the school, the application will allow him to call the student. Student picture and name will show up in the calling screen inside the school and the mentor will get notified as well.

Verify and leave 

Then, mentor will checkout the students and hand them to the school guard. The guard will match the student with the car and driver to complete the pickup process.


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