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Reaching & leaving your school is now Happy & Safe, everyday.

BlueRide is an automated intelligent system specially designed to raise the level of safety, speed and flexibility in the school pick up and transportation operations to ensure a comfortable and distinctive experience for everyone.

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Pick up system

The system can save you tremendous time and reduce your current level to a few minutes.

Attendance system

Easy Attendance taking to ensure safe check-in and check-out for everyone every day.

Communication system

Communicate & share updates with parent using unlimited messaging system, free charge.

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Bus management system

Advance tracking and route design modules, with automatic route update feature in case of an absent student.

Request the system for your school 

Our support team is ready to serve you

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Successful experience

We aim to provide the best customer service, to achieve a successful experience in using the BluRide system.

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Easy communication

available via: WhatsApp, e-mail, Twitter and Instagram accounts, or direct contact.

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Technical support

Support and solve technical problems within 60 minutes to 4 hours, within working hours.

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Training before starting

Provide presentation to explain the system, and train the team.

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