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Blue Ride bus management system is tailored to suit your needs

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Preset Routes

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Easier communication

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The locations for bus routes will be entered by the parents and divided to the drivers as routes.

The school admin will set a fixed standby time for each student location.

The bus driver or supervisor can "Call" the registered parent's number. The parent can communicate with the driver directly from the application.

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Live Observation

the school admin can track each bus and see the daily route and which student is being picked up now.

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Early Records

The school will be able to see who is present, late, absent on real time basis.

Locating homes just got easier

The responsible parent enters the correct location of the student's home through the application.

Find out when the bus arrives

An early notification when the bus approaches the homes.

Reduce noise

The bus arrival is displayed on the app without noise to the household or neighbors.

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