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BlueRide User Guide for Parents 

 1- Download BlueRide application, please click the app store button that matches your phone operation system: 

2-After downloading the app on your phone,  press Sign up and add your school code to add the school of your kids to the system

3- Click on Sign Up and then type your National ID or Iqama that was provided by you to the school. Then type your password from your choice and it has to contain 6 digits. 

4- The verification code will be sent to you, type the code and your account will be activated and ready to use.  

5- Then type the school code and your account will be activated and ready to use and if your school does not have a code please follow the link of Don't have a school code.


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Type your phone that was provided by you to school and your password 

(Please note: It is your responsibility to keep your password and never shred with others) 

( please note: to sign in you need to use your phone, while during sign up you needed your ID)

In case Forgot Password

It is recommended to click on the link (forgot password) in the login page, it will take you to another page to record your email then send you a message with a link to reset  your new password

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Any parent in the school system can request his children when it is time for the students to leave school. This feature is automatically activated by Google Maps, which helps to reduce the waiting time of the parent every day by using the App where he sends an alert before the arrival of the parent to the school helps to get students be ready in the school gate to receive them upon arrival of the guardian.



1- From Home page, select the school and your children and then press Start button.

2- You will see an alert by selecting the location, and then clicking the Allow button to allow the application to use Site Recognition.

3- The map will show you your current location and track the way to school.

4-When entering the Yellow Zone (Get Ready Zone), an automatic alert will be sent to the school informing them of your trip, so that the student will be ready to leave.

5- When entering the Green Zone (Pickup Zone) you will then be able to press the Pick Up button, and when pressed, the alert will appear within the school for both the students and the team responsible for organizing the school dropout.

6- Click the Finish button to notify the school of your receipt of the student and close the request.

7- If the parent want to cancel the request , just he will press Cancel button.

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1- Click on the menu button and select Helpers and then click  (+) sign to add a new Helper.

2- Type the name and mobile number 05****, Take into consideration the country key, ID number.

3- An invitation will be sent to the new assistant on his mobile number as a text message which contains

"Please go to the site page and download the App, link:"


Please note :it is your responsibility to type the mobile number of your helper and verified.

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 1- Go to Profile then  Your Helper

 2- Press on your helper's photo, then after clicking on your child photo click on allow to pick this students.

3- then choose the permission frequency: (One Time permission) or ( Always )

4- Save the changes to inform the school instantly about the update. 

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 Change the green switch icon in the top left corner on your helper page to activate/deactivate the helper.

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Parent Profile 

1- You can edit and update your personal data by pressing the menu and then selecting Settings and then shows you the full data of you and the students in one screen.

2- Click the icon at the top of the screen next to the name on the right side.

3- From this property you can modify:

  • Email

  • Password

  • Address

  • Personal photo

  • Student photos

  • Activating and deactivating helpers.


When you make any Edit , save the changes until the school is notified of the changes.

Student's Picture 


You need to upload picture for the student since the picture will be appeared on the call screen at school. 

1- Press profile from the slide menu, then press on the student name and upload a clear photo. 

2- save the changes to notified the school about the update. 

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